My holidays are ending and so I return to the keyboard. I’ve just come back from spending the day in London at the Trueplayerz event hosted by Joystick Junkies.

In truth, I went with no intention of participating in any tournaments. The main attraction was to meet up with a handful of individuals with whom I’ve spent a fair amount of time chatting about games and such. They were all absolute stars and I’m genuinely thrilled to have met them in the flesh and spent some time with them in person.

The event itself seemed fairly decent. Huge projection screens running the tournament games such as Burnout Revenge, Halo 2, Capcom Fighting Jam and Fifa 2006 and plenty of game-pods provided by EA to allow pretty much everyone with the chance to have a go on a game of a slightly wider range. Being held in a club there were few seats, a bar (selling drinks at premium London prices) and a constant rumble of bass noise coming from *somewhere*. The organisation of the event was a little haphazard but it’s something I’m sure will get tighter in future events.

The girls from the PMS gaming clan were there in force and looking great but, I’m sorry to say, you young male gamers totally justified your image problem today. A knockout combination of hoodies, bad skin and lacklustre facial hair just doesn’t do you any favours at all. I may be an old grandpa of gaming at 32 and perhaps I’m just out of touch with the kids but there’s a lot that can be put right with a razor, soap and water – scruffy just ain’t nice!

Sooner or later the Trueplayerz website will have photos of today’s event and you can judge for yourselves.

Regardless, good gamesmanship, a generally good attitude of friendly competition and everything being done for a good cause. Trueplayerz, give yourself a pat on the back.

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