I’m a big fan of RSS and ATOM feeds. I’m also a big fan of the Sage extension for Firefox. It’s a lightweight RSS reader that does it’s job perfectly.

So, there I am, quietly wasting time at work whilst catching up on various news sources and I head over to the Next Generation Online feed and check out the “This Week’s Releases” story. There, on page 3 of the article it states that PSP GTA: Liberty City Stories is due for release on September 1st.

That’s in two days time.

Where’s all the buzz and fuss? Where’s the Gamespot and IGN exclusives? What the hell is wrong with the world that a new GTA game on a brand spanking new format that will, no doubt, be THE killer-app of the system hasn’t been on some wild media blitz?

Where the fuck is Jack Thompson when you need him, huh?

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