By now we’ve heard the name Jack Thompson plenty of times. His game-hunting antics are becoming more and more reminiscent of the actions of ambulance chasing lawyers. GTA SA, Sims 2, GTA Vice City and now Killer 7.

Jack’s going for the violence angle once again. Personally, I think Killer 7’s crime is it’s incredible shallowness of gameplay and technical inadequacies. Maybe Jack’s going to mention that, I’m sure we’ll see later.

Anyway, Jack Thompson and facts are like cats and water. You’re just never going to see them get along well and forcing it will probably result in a wild thrashing of claws, an annoying mewing hissing sound and the threat of legal action. Hang on, one of those doesn’t quite fit.

So I read with great relief and satisfaction an article in The Economist which uses facts, figures, pretty graphs and seems to hit many nails squarely on the head. I’m almost tempted to email Jack and send him a link to the article but I’m afraid of some violent retribution.

So, instead, I’ll share it with you:

Videogames: Chasing the dream
(The Economist)

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