without hot water. Jack Thompson seems to be boiling away at the moment. His next target is EA?s rather popular Sims 2. Jack claims the game?s claim on innocence is ?just the same as GTA?s? and then adds ?but worse?. Jack claims that the game features full frontal nudity ? including saggy and dangly bits (my words, not his).

Apparently, with the use of a mod-patch, it?s possible to remove the pixellated blur that Sims 2 employs whenever a Sim disrobes and see the SICK FILTH underneath. Now, I?ve not played Sims 2 and certainly don?t need to patch it to get my thrills. I?m of the understanding that the uncensored polygons hiding behind the blur are as anatomically accurate as your typical Barbie doll.

Jack will argue that, with additional patches, all sorts of freaky stuff could appear in Sims 2. Jack?s alarmist rhetoric delves into paedophilia this time. Clearly, using Hitler comparisons and terms like Jihad in his GTA crusade seems to have worked so why should he stop now?

I?m very much looking forward to the facts of this one coming to light. Jack, I feel, is going to regret messing with EA, fabricating details to suit his crusades and trying to scare a demographic that probably knows the game a whole lot better than he does.

This may be totally unrelated, but I?ve felt compelled to play Manhunt again.

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