I think that says all it really needs to say.

The full story goes something like this: I’m replacing my small but wonderful 14″ gaming TV for something a bit bigger and meatier. Ordered it on Tuesday, paid for delivery, told to expect it on Friday.

Normally I’d just ask for Saturday delivery but it happens I’m going to be out most of Saturday helping my wife test drive a range of cars that we’re considering as a replacement for ‘old faithful’. So, Friday it is.

I somehow manage to book a day off work. I really don’t know how I wangled this one. There’s five people in our team. Two are on holiday on Friday and one was going to be away on business. I took the day off to wait for Mr. Amtrak to deliver my TV leaving just one guy to hold the fort!..

..which turned out to be a waste of time because Amtrak never showed. At five to six I call them (they claim to deliver by six) and the driver’s back at the depot and claims he couldn’t find me and called my mobile to ask for directions. Nuh-uh. No such call took place. My day off wasn’t necessary, I’ve lost a day’s holiday, I’m without my TV and if those buggers don’t deliver it before 9am tomorrow then I’m going to be one po’d guy.

The annoying thing is that I’ve been refraining playing games all week as I’m really looking forward to checking out Xbox, Gamecube and PS2 stuff on the big, shiny screen…

..there’s always my GBA I guess.

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