For some reason my head feels odd today. I think it?s due to my repaired specs. I had a minor problem with them in that one of the clear plastic nose-rests had snapped off. When I walked into the optician I didn?t actually expect them to break the glasses further. A week later, they?re back from .. wherever .. and I have fixed nose rests AND new arms. Dunno what that?s all about but they feel like they?re squeezing my head a bit too tightly. Time will tell.

Last night I watched Jack Bauer walk away into the distance after saving mankind as we know it (or the USA as the USA knows it, it?s the same thing) from evil people who are different from Americans. It looked like something right out of those old The Hulk episode with Dr. Bruce Banner trudging off with the weight of the world on his shoulders. Why do I watch this pap? We all know Jack?ll do it. We all know that he? got a hardon for the US of A that?d make Ron Jeremy blush.

All I can say in my defence is that, however preposterous 24 may be, it?s still infinitely more believable than Most Haunted.

I?ll leave you to draw your own conclusions from that.

I played through Area 51 on my PC last week. Really enjoyed it. It?s fun in the sense a B-movie that doesn?t take itself too seriously is fun. It?s production values aren?t up there with Half Life 2 (in spite of some cracking FMV and roped in ?stars? doing voice acting). The game is solid, trashy fun that delivers a nice earnest challenge. Unfortuantely, it continues Midway?s reputation of making shockingly bad narrative climaxes. Psi Ops was pretty terrible, this is fairly poor too.

Had a download of Gamespot Complete?s stab at the Gamespy client and found I couldn?t log in. I was that disgruntled with the whole thing that I couldn?t even be arsed to check out the support forums. I kinda assume that if they email me to check out their ?sneek peek? then it should be ready for checking out. Looks like I?m wrong.

Elsewhere, the TGN chat-room is alive and well. I yanked out my web-interface at pointed it at the new server. Looks like the triv-bot is still winning fans. Considering half these chatters are frothing at the gash for next gen gaming technology they?re really happy to play a simple game of online trivia. Go figure.

TGN Chatroom

My final observation of this wittering drivel is focused on the PC version of GTA: San Andreas. The game seems pretty much identical to it?s PS2 counterpart. Indentical that is, with the notable exception of having to install it and select video resolutions.

So, Rockstar haven?t made any noticeable improvements to this epic title and I can understand that. What I can?t understand is why a game that was originally played comfortably on a 2-stick, 10-button controller now has key-mappings for about 60 controls.

I have a festering rant about TV videogame programs but I?ve droned on long enough for today. Look out for it later in the week.

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