Now, I like my games. In fact, I like them a LOT. And it’s fair to say that I much prefer games to games consoles. I’m far more interested in what’s going on with the latest installment of Half Life or Metal Gear Solid than the new specs of some graphics card or the screen resolution of some handheld console.

I base my hardware purchasing decision similarly – I don’t give a stuff what it might be able to do. All I care about is will it play the game I’m interested in.

As such, I knew what I wanted and my PS2 delivered it perfectly. Plenty of funky innovative RPGs, a decent array of action titles, good support from my preferred developers. Obvious choice.

I’d been waiting for some ‘must have’ titles to persuade me to part with cash for an Xbox. I can take or leave Halo as I don’t think FPS games work too well outside of mouse control. Sure, Ninja Gaiden looks very tempting. As do Fable and some others. But I still wasn’t convinced.

Then, along comes a very nice young lady and offers me a mint Xbox for 50 quid.

Job done.

So, I go and order myself some Xbox exclusives – Jet Set Radio Future, Panzer Dragoon Orta, Splinter Cell and, yes, Halo amongst others.

Having played all the games mentioned above (not anywhere near to completion mind you) I have to say that I regret my reluctance to dip my toe in the greeny-black waters of Xbox.

I’ll be playing my PS2 for ages yet – especially with certain titles (as you’ll read in future blogs) hitting my pleasure zone with the force of Hurrican Ivan. But for non-exclusive games I’ll almost certainly be plumping for the Xbox version.

And, so far, I’m only quantifying my future purchasing decisions on the box itself. I’ve neither bothered with making custom soundtracks or getting Xbox Live for online play.

You still won’t hear me saying one particular box of circuits is better than another but I’m thrilled to have all three of this generation’s consoles to hand and enjoy them all thoroughly..

..although some more interesting games for non-wrestling or kart-racing fans on GameCube would be nice.

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