Well, today started early: 6:30am. My ex (who I still live with.. messy) was looking after her sister’s baby and that baby is LOUD! Still, they were gone by 7:30am and I could get some more shut-eye.

Even though England is playing in the world-cup today and there’s the Golden Jubilee ready to start I can’t say I’m excited in the least. I hate football and don’t like the monarchy a great deal. So, I’ve got a quiet day to myself. This started with a spot of downloading and then thinking about what to do on this site. Current gaming is just getting underway and I always knew that I’d want something like Blogger or NewsPro to update my rant page. Blogger’s really simple though and I can update via a web-browser. So, after an hour or so pissing about with HTML and my template for this data to slot into I’ve got the resulting page you see here. Suits me, it’s simple and goes with the rest of the site. Just the way I like it.

Gotta say that Soldier of Fortune 2 is shaping up nicely, I’m on the Tanker levels at present and they don’t half smell of Metal Gear Solid 2’s opening level. Which is no bad thing. May have a stab at Uplink or Final Fantasy X later on. And there’s still a heap of DVD’s for me to get through. Ah.. much vegging to do. It’s what bank-holidays are made for! If anything I may have too much time on my hands as I’ve got all my boring weekend bits done too..

Perhaps it’s time to search for a decent flat and get out of this place…

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